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We place great importance to corporate social responsibility, which results in great care of the environment surrounding us. We think that if the natural environment is a source of richness, from which we derive our materials to create our products, it is our duty to properly repay the nature by using the most environment friendly solutions. Our machine park is being gradually upgraded to reduce the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances – sulfur oxide and nitric oxide. What’s more, from the waste we receive in the process of creating our floors we produce organic biofuel - fireplace briquette – which also reduces the amount of harmful exhaust emissions. We believe that our mission is not only providing our clients with highest quality products but also taking care and protecting the natural environment we all live in.



We are greatly aware that forests are “the lungs of Earth” and that thanks to them we can breathe fresh air full of life-giving oxygen. That’s why the materials we use to create our products come only from certified and reliable forests, which include forests with FSC certificates (Forest Stewardship Council). Those types of forests are managed in a very sustainable and balanced way so that the tree removal doesn’t affect the ecosystem. In those kinds of forests we can find old and young trees, and those that are dead are decomposing in a natural way. The felled trees are replaced by their equivalents and furthermore the local flora and fauna are additionally protected. Many furniture and floor producers try to reduce costs which results in total forests destruction but we-Wonder Floor- don’t accept such policy. This way we repay the forest for what we took from it.



However, taking care of the natural environment is not only responsible tree felling. There is a wide range of materials used to finish off and protect floors and parquets. Some of them are environment friendly, others unfortunately not as they contain a lot of chemical substances that are harmful to human, animals and plants. We focus on ecology and so we prefer using lacquers, oils and waxes in liquid solutions that contain mostly natural components such as natural resin. Moreover a floor protected this way “breathes” which naturally ensure durability. Isn’t it better when our floor smells like a forest rather than harmful chemicals?